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High-End Detail in Your Driveway!

Special Monthly Maintenance Plan

Monthly Services

  • One (1) Express Detail Monthly – Refresh Package + spot clean carpet & seats or leather treatment

  • Available after initial package needed to reach optimal appearance.

Awesome Additional Perks

  • Dedicated Appointment Time (No Waiting!)

  • Referral Program

  • Loyalty special pricing

Custom Detailing Services


  • Hand Wash w/ Spot Free Rinse (Eco-friendly Waterless Wash Also Available)

  • Dried with Soft Micro fiber Towels

  • Paint correction (basic polish or compounds as needed)

  • Top coat options (wax, ceramic wax, sealant)

  • Windows Cleaned Inside & Out

  • Thorough Interior Vacuum

  • Surfaces Cleaned & protected

  • Clean Wheels

  • Hi-Gloss Tire Dressing

  • Shampooing, Fabric Protection, Leather Service, Engine bay cleaning also available for additional cost

Ceramic Coating


  • Refresh package

  • Paint correction needed to reach optimum shine

  • Prep, 1st coat of premium ceramic

  • 5yr protection

Motorcycles & Large Vehicles priced accordingly

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